“It is crucial to avoid superimposing the dead past’s invisible hand onto my new Web-Squared situation, stunting the techno-possibilities of the approaching twenty-teens through some sordid desire to make my life comprehensible.”

Heart stopping Super Meat Boy moments

Kill La Kill (JP; 2014)

One day everything you swallow will come up like a stone


This game will be available for 24 hours and then I am deleting it forever.

You can download it here until then.

What you do with it, whether you distribute, share, or cover it, is up to you.

Suicide is a social problem.

Suicide is a social failure.

This game will live through social means…

Kill La Kill (JP; 2013)

Kill La Kill (JP; 2013)



There are too many people who act like, on a fundamental level, a woman’s penis is exactly the same as a man’s penis.

But what you need to understand is, even if she hasn’t taken HRT, a trans woman’s relationship to her penis is so often so fundamentally different than a cis…

How do you masturbate your penis via vibration?

Srsly, I want to try that.

100 people think i post things worth looking at. so proud!

I’m finding it extremely difficult to articulate my thoughts on Double Dragon Neon. I seem to be of two minds regarding every facet of that game, except for two:

1) Nostalgia is not an excuse for the way women are portrayed in it.

2) This song is great.

Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den

Just beat this, and the story made me sad. :( It was great though, the level design was especially well done. I could essentially explore these very wide, open levels at my own pace, and when they became confined to small corridors toward the end, it made the whole final sprint feel more urgent. While I liked the ending (especially that last audiotape, O GOD MY HEARTSTRINGS), I do think this story actually could have lended itself to the “good ending”/”bad ending” Bioshock thing better than 1 or 2 did. Killing all the little sisters should leave Porter unable to reconcile with his actions, faced with the terrible truth of his nature. 

Kill La Kill (JP; 2013)

Kill La Kill (JP; 2013)